You need to get educated on the many subjects we have discussed. We have suggested some reading and organizations that can help, but the very best you can do is become familiar with the real philosophy of liberty that America was founded upon. Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are not very long and surprisingly easy to read. Written by some of our greatest American leaders, these two documents are the basis for all our laws and explain what our government should and should not be doing.

Also, you should be dedicating your time, your money, and your vote to organizations and candidates that have a consistent record of championing these philosophies of Liberty. Voting is very important, but you can’t expect to cast a vote every few years and wait for someone else to do something. Make your voice heard and work to protect your freedoms by informing yourself and dedicating your resources to values and causes that will truly matter to all of our futures. You do not have to become an activist unless you feel called, however we all need to be very active at this time and participate in the great American process of government by the people.

Click below for some resources for you to get informed, and some links to people who can use your help.

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